A Dream Realized

Two years ago, I self-published The Gritties, which despite having an excellent agent champion it, had failed to get a deal.

This little blog was born out of frustration with the idea of haranguing people endlessly on twitter to buy my book…

Anyway, the material within it reached the right audience and am utterly thrilled to say The Gritties is now being made into a tv film.

So if you are feeling isolated, marginalized, disheartened or discouraged on your own creative project, then please take succor here.

And if you know deep down in your guts that there is an audience for what you offer… then hunt them out…

We are living in times where that has never been easier.

May the gods of search be with you!





Goodbye And Thank You

hive2Some of you may have noticed postings here have been getting less and less regular – and I’m sorry if this has disappointed you.

My job has changed from that of a work psychologist, moving from project to project, to community building for a government funded pilot helping digitalize small towns.

Some of you know too that I muck about with fiction… and have a project in development as a tv film.

Soooooh… what this means is that mrsmotivator needs to hibernate, go into exile or become an archive – and I’m choosing the latter for now.

But if content, creativity and community building interests you, I’m not departing the blogosphere entirely… here is my new blog

philippa davies

Most hugely, thank-you for your attention, interest and comments.

You’ve been a ball xxx

Is Software Eating Your Job?

11015Linked-In gobbles the recruitment industry, Amazon gorges on book publishing and the high street, Netflix swallows dvds while Skype devours phone companies…

Could your job be next?

At a sparky talk last week, Tom Morgan of Mint Digital reminded us how software hoovers up traditional business sectors and jobs though its capacity to connect, copy and upscale.

His business tackles this creatively by invention – both digital and physical.

But for those of us with jobs we fear becoming toast quite soon, Continue reading

Impact or Control: Which Is Your Favourite?

The community project I’m involved with currently is steaming ahead now. Here’s something we just produced which I hope makes you smile:

The group psychology of all of this is fascinating, especially the extent to which we view ourselves as networked people or hierarchical people.


I suspect we’ll all do some of both… for instance, you may be feeling somewhat superior to others as you read this, thinking just how networked you are…

But as Brad Feld points out in his most Continue reading