Our personalities remain the same on and offline, but in many online places we get deprived of social data from each other.


Something that seems like an attack in an online forum – like ‘you are nuts’ – can seem quite different live, when we see an indulgent smile and hear a warm voice.

In the past year, I’ve noticed people taking up a new role linking these worlds: that of Digital Impresario.

Credible, authoritative and receiving warmth online, these entrepreneurs produce live events to serve the interests of their tribe.

Our lives are brighter as a result.

Sian To

Sian runs Cybher, the UK female bloggers conference, is a charity activist, blogs herself and has FOUR children…

If you’d like to get involved with Cybher, there is opportunity here.

Craig Lockwood

App developer, farmer and now digital impresario Craig has set up the handheld conference to do with all things mobile, app and native.

You’ll need to be fast though… demand has already meant more conference space required.

Joel Hughes

Port80 is a web designand internet strategy enterprise by Joel, which filled a big lecture theatre at Newport University in May.

Following this hit, he’s producing local host events, first of which is on August 29th.

Free, to boot.

Tony Dowling

Boss of Real Radio in Wales, Tony is well-positioned for impresarioship.

His Completely Free Sales Advice blog has a strong voice and high engagement, and the OI conference which he produces for September, brings Mark Schaefer to the UK, star digital impresario in the US.

On speaker list, to declare an interest.

Amazing Fact

What’s extraordinary here is that apart from Sian (Welsh name, indeed) all this activity is taking place in Wales, small land to west of England, with 3 million people and 9 million sheep.

Anything to do with us being traditionally a nation of preachers and teachers, do you think?

ps. Big hi to the ‘a world full of words’ bloggers, at top of post, who I met on Saturday at the Kidwelly e-festival. One day, I reckon, you may well be digital impresarios and good luck for it…

By szcz

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  1. Thanks for the plug for Oi Conf Pippa! It is indeed great to see such talent producing brilliant stuff in this digital age, and as you say, doubly so as its in Wales!

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