While I just resisted buying the Fascination Advantage Kit online, as it was insufficiently fascinating…how we interest others in our projects, be they new schemes, products or events is – for many of us – an ongoing challenge…

And while sticking a bunch of feathers or such like on top of our heads may not appeal, we often need to do a metaphorical equivalent – finding a hook, or element of presentation – which is simple and effective at getting our audience to pause their attention and consider.

Often, ruthless editing and simplifying down is required. We need to ask ourselves: ‘What is the one critical idea in this offer/suggestion?’ Like for example : ‘It’s the economy, stupid’.

But the thinking behind this often needs to be quite complex – as we are not just creatures of our psychology, with simple needs which must be met. We live in specific environments and cultures, which we adapt to, and where there will be prevailing beliefs about what matters most currently.

Reading twitter bios recently, I started to drown in a sea of people describing themselves in a multi-faceted, ‘interesting’ way. Then I came across a description which said ‘sentence-maker’. Yes reader, you guessed right, I pressed that follow button…

And yesterday a friend describing a top tv executive remarked: ‘She always asks quite simply: “Now is there an account of how this has worked well?”

This is all common sense of course, but when we’re immersed in working on something which is rich in demand and interest, this common sense can desert us.

And our fascinators can end up saying ‘confused’ rather than ‘clarified’…

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