Forget resolutions. An Oomph Project for yourself, where you plan for impact in 2012, is a much more fun way to swing into the New Year.

In ten days, I co-deliver a project helping people in a very specific context to up their global profile. Beefing up on this over the holidays, the Kindle’s just been brilliant at letting me leap across from book to book containing complementary ideas.

Mashing up then ideas from marketing, social networking and copywriting, along with experience, here’s some of what we’ll be tackling:

How do you make us aware of you?

We’ll be asking them to identify where they will be prominent and to limit this at first very narrowly – and of course, to play to their strengths, whether they like talking, writing, chatting informally or presenting more formally best.

They’ll be encouraged to opt for a couple of online outlets, twitter and any other combination of blog/linked in/facebook/google plus. They’ll be asked to identify conference and media speaking opportunities, writing/interviewing opportunities and to identify specific individuals they would like to connect to.

How do you excite/interest us?

We will want to know where the drama and vividness is in their character and story. To do this they will be asked to supply:

  • 3 nouns to describe them
  • 3 adjectives that describe them ( Honesty encouraged here. No one need see if you put ‘hot’ ‘cool’ or my 14 year old’s new word ‘ingenoutive’)
  • Then combine these to answer:
  • What does this mean you DO well, and offer people…?

By this point, we should be feeling aware and interested in you…if you have chosen your context well, so now we need to decide

If we play together, what will happen?

Some of you will cover your ears in horror at this contrivance, am sure, but we will ask them to attend to how they greet people – what do they DO to us as they greet (welcome/ appraise/include/ reassure/engage/flatter all being possibilities for instance). We will want those opening moments to reflect what our individuals offer long-term, for them to be congruent in other words.

Then we will ask them to identify content that shows trustworthiness, authority and expertise. And these can be stories of battles against adversity not fully overcome and very steep learning curves not quite conquered.

We will ask for content that shows they do not take themselves too seriously and are fun to be with (and that can include just being a warm and encouraging listener).

And what will make us want to play with you again?

Memory of others depends on vividness and distinctiveness. So we’ll be asking our participants to identify appearance rules for themselves which reinforce the main quality they want to project. (Like always wearing stripes, novelty t-shirts or formal black jackets for instance). Superficial this – but as Oscar Wilde said ‘only fools don’t judge by appearance’.

We will want even more content created that reveals their motivators and hopes for the future. We will want to sense emotionally contagious uplift from them… and a sense that we would like to connect again in the future… for our spirits and our knowledge.

Ideas for this post came from: Zarella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness (fabulous); The Adweek Copywriting Book a Copyblogger recommendation; and the exceptionally grounded and sensible The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book

Will be delivering oomph to you in 2012 via a new blog on a new subject, more e-books and some video learning experiments. For subscribers, the Oomph pdf will be on its way soon.

Have a great opening to your year and yabadabadoo!

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