Linked-In gobbles the recruitment industry, Amazon gorges on book publishing and the high street, Netflix swallows dvds while Skype devours phone companies…

Could your job be next?

At a sparky talk last week, Tom Morgan of Mint Digital reminded us how software hoovers up traditional business sectors and jobs though its capacity to connect, copy and upscale.

His business tackles this creatively by invention – both digital and physical.

But for those of us with jobs we fear becoming toast quite soon, there is premptive action we can take:

Get In There First

Every job there is can be depicted in some way, digitally.

‘What, even farming?’ I hear you think. Absolutely. Check out this adorable poultry centre…

And here’s how to stay in recruitment through boldness and chutzpah.

Do It

One decision we need to make about online activity is to what extent we produce original material and to what extent we pass on other people’s. Follow the right people on twitter and you can learn heaps about free software to make things – and get insights worth spreading. Quora, Diigo and Google + will help too. But if you’re not doing it, you will never fully understand this type of conversation.

Get Collaborating

Software works through hardware and techies make these entities work together. But without content producers there is nothing for techies to translate, and without designers the content may look naff. And all these fellows need community builders to find an audience or more collaborators.

Invent Your Next Job

As they may not want it revealed, I won’t name them… but five of my closest chums on and offline have created the roles they currently have via their online content. Often this has been backed up by offline activity too.

They have depicted what they would like to focus on and where… and the magic of vivid content providing evidence to other people’s imaginations has got them new, or enriched, gigs.

Heck, when I started doing this I was your plain everyday industrial psychologist… now I get to call myself a web editor. And my work is quite different.

The idea of software eating businesses was originally described by a venture capitalist Marc Andreesson, in this much cited article.

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