A salutary and short tale this week. A friend got a new job based on her success at winning funding for a project. The friend excelled at applying for funding, but she had few skills to run the project. But that did not deter the organization she worked for installing her at its head. She knew she was on a steep learning curve.

Early on she started to flounder. The organization, nominally an intelligent one, failed to provide any appropriate training or mentoring. She flailed around going from one source to another for guidance. Her belief in systems thinking – most prevalent in organizational psychology – became her core sustaining belief. If only she could get everything running efficiently she would be fine.

The more preoccupied she became with this idea the worse her situation got. She lashed out at the people she was leading – also rookies to the enterprise – and started to attack and undermine them. Damn then, why couldn’t they just perform efficiently? She started to dehumanize them in her head, they became cogs in her wheel preventing it going round. She blamed them and other collaborators for all shortfalls, in complete denial about her own inadequacies and shortcomings.

She failed to understand that her systems depended on human interaction, something uncertain and often chaotic. When this is not factored in, our systems may implode. My friend’s did, and she no longer runs it. Her team will take some time to recover.

So thought for the week? It helps to know what we don’t know and to engage with it:
and people matter more than process. Leading anything at all, especially when the going gets tough, we can do with reminding ourselves of that.

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By szcz

6 thoughts on “Is the System Stealing Your Soul?”
  1. Dear Mrs Moti,
    Thanks for this week short tale. This tale happens to be the first one I have read from you, since I just joined your blog.
    Certainly true that people matters more than process; however, there are situations in where you can experience the very thin frontier between showing your “teeth” (not neccessary willing to bite…) to your team, or letting things go…

    1. Hi Rene

      Great to hear from you and thank you for the comment. Yes indeed, showing ‘teeth’ is important and vital to exerting authority – so many situations getting worse because the boss can’t face a fight. My friend certainly could not front things up with her team – she ended up being abusive and manipulative via e-mail…never a good idea!

      All best to you

  2. How this resonated with me and an organisation I recently rescued after the previous leader failed to see his team as human beings with feelings. Intuition is something that can’t always be taught but is so essential especially at times of crisis.

    Spot on as always Mrs Moti!

    1. Thanks Fran and your comment much appreciated. Suspect what happens is we feel ‘ am flooded with confusing feelings, aarrgghh, will pretend they are not happening’ and get on with more controlling/organizing stuff instead….these soft skills can be scary skills…Praps we should offer Rehumanizing workshops alongside Re-Engineering….

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