Maybe you know this feeling. You get an idea, you start to research it, that takes you tangentially to lots of other sources of inspiration – and quite soon, you have 7 ideas… none of which you’ve drilled down into, or looked at in the harsh light of reality.

Now people have written ominous tomes about how our online behaviour is influencing attention. What I know practically, is that 10 years ago I would give creative industry folk spidergrams to sketch out their company strategies, and they would struggle. Today if I give anyone from any sector a spidergram with this purpose, they do it instantly. Our brains are acquiring new habits, which may well be rewiring how we operate.

So for many of us the challenge is not divergence, traditionally the preserve of creativing thinking, but convergence – sticking to something, going into higher and higher definition with it, and pursuing it till proven that it is not working.

We can use common sense controls: a sign on our office wall or desk which reminds us of purpose for the day, and social networking at set times – but maybe we want to use a Steve Jobs tactic, and make sure we:

Thinking INSIDE The Box

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he reorganized their business focus into a quadrant inside a box:

Two types of computer and two types of customers…beautifully simple.

This week twitter led me to Huit Jeans – a wonderful site and lovely idea – and MADE IN WALES…

This business uses 4 categories too…making jeans about which 2 decisions can be taken: type of denim and cut.

I sense there may be something in this quadratic zen, and will try it on a couple of projects. Does it tempt you, too?

ps Interesting article on Steve Jobs’s genius here.

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2 thoughts on “Should You Think INSIDE The Box?”
  1. Takes you back to Covey’s “important / not urgent” matrix and modus operandi doesn’t? A means to focus your thoughts and then re-direct your attention and activity – which seems to be what each of these matrices are all about.
    Thanks Pippa – good prompt!

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