Energy, persistence, incisive thinking, audience obsession… just a few of the qualities required to commit to book or blog writing. More suggestions:

Your Groove

1. Identify what gives you a buzz
2. Which absorbs you totally
3. So you lose track of time
4. Yet feel fully energized after it
5. How does this relate to your writing purpose?
6. As it is what will keep you going
7. When you slog, slog, slog…
8. If you don’t like this word, stop reading now

Your Gift

9. Come in as narrow as possible on your interest
10. We are in the long tail economy remember
11. Think niche, niche, niche
12. For it is much easier to expand out
13. Than it is to regain audience who have thought ‘not exciting enough’
14. Or ‘not aimed at me’ enough
15. Or ‘what is it about anyway?’
16. Ponder ‘what is it I give my audience?’
17. This goes for any book or any blog
18. What is the grab for them?

Your Target

19. Choose to write for one person specifically
20. It is better if this person exists and if you know them
21. Find out where they go
22. On and offline
23. What do they get a buzz from?
24. In my experience if you do this, you will attract many similar folk
25. Picture that person’s face as you sit at your screen
26. They are opposite you, waiting to hear what you have to say
27. Share your work and your ideas with this person
28. Get feedback from them
29. Ask them directly for their views
30. Let them know they are your muse
31. But do not fall in love with them
32. Otherwise – it’s over
33. But this is an intimate and precious relationship

Your Title

34. This is YOUR title
35. Do not listen to herd followers and the cautious
36. For books, Clare Christian offers wonderful ‘been there and done it’ advice
37. If your title tells it like it is
38. This is helpful and if it says what you give people
39. Or is funny
40. Or again grabs who you want to listen
41. A title should come quite early in a project
42. When it is does not, sometimes it never comes
43. And then – I’m sorry to say – your project risks becoming…


By szcz

4 thoughts on “So You Want to Write a Book or a Blog…43 tips”
    1. Just enjoyed a good laugh reading your blog and thanks for that. Have you tried endlessly doing google analysis on different words that could go in your title? Strong counter-intuitive activity and one that contributes significantly to the fine of procrastination. If I find any stalkables will send them in your direction…

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