Marshmallow Motivation

In your view is success about aggression, drive and resilience or could it be much more to do with how we handle the soft and fluffy stuff of temptation?

In 1972, Stanford psychology professor Walter Mischel, ran a much-reported experiment. Pre-school children were given 1 marshmallow each, Continue reading

Is Advice becoming Your Dark Destroyer?

middle earth

In Middle-earth on the web currently, where marvellous teachers with names like Guido and Korval advise on formatting. No wonder games-developers-turned-fantasy-writers dominate online book sales. They are the only folk who really know what’s going on.

Now if you earn your living from giving advice in one form or another, you’ll know this is a demanding activity. Here are some contradictions Continue reading

Save Money: Be Your Own Shrink

Is your role giving you a headache at the moment?

You were enjoying it and it was absorbing you. Yes, there were challenges, and yes, it needed energy – you maybe had a lot to learn. Then bang! the economic downturn. Your developing, growing and exploring stopped. To be replaced by curbing, policing and saying no.

‘Up and at them’ turned into reduce and retreat.

You notice Continue reading


Why We Love Lists

1. We can disagree with them
2. They create an illusion of order in the universe
3. Our wannabe instincts get motivated by them…
4. Or they confirm our prejudices i.e. the Rich (or Greedy) list, the Top Intellectuals ( or Pretentious) list, the Happiness Creators ( or Clearly Deluded) list
5. They reaffirm that Alfred Alder, champion of the inferiority complex has been massively overlooked
6. And that his view that many of us are status obsessed is correct
7. Lists show us feel we can control something….anything!
8. And they make us feel significant: we have stuff to order.
9. 8.5 bloggers out of 10 write list posts constantly and 7.3 out of 10 web surfers read ‘em. List posts provide convergent content in a divergent online context: a path in the forest.
10. Sadly, they can indicate where you’ve gone wrong in life. On the Rich, Intellectual and Happiness Creators lists published last Sunday there is not a single psychologist. Oh dear, stuffed. Time to start the 5 Possible Reinventions list….