You’re feeling fit and healthy, your personal life’s good…and yet…

Come Monday morning there’s a dragging sense of yet another week slogging upstream against a glacier of setbacks.

Your heart’s not in it. Instead you focus on how bad you feel and the very many shortcomings of your role, your team and the rest of the universe.

Tom Jones was on Radio 2 last week. He talked about his intense passion for music, how it left no space for other interests like golf, and how he now moves into whatever area of music interests him. Relatively recently, he’s taken to performing at festivals.

Here’s what we can learn from him:

1. Check that you’re concentrating enough on specific topics and projects as well as other people and their power. Departmental boundaries never helped anyone work with passion – and life’s not fair, ok? Grow the topic areas that you love instead.

2. Forget set hours and time management. Energy is the key to passion. Read this book.

3. When we work with passion, we go into high definition over certain areas. Yes, we get geekier and geekier, or more and more specialist. In what direction is your geekdom heading? (and geeks rule the world, remember)

4. Check that you’ve changed your mind recently. If not… are you still learning anything?

5. The most creative people in any business tend to be the ones who could be called organizational tarts. Who turn up at oddly tangential conferences and pick up ideas for lateral opportunities. You may not be putting yourself about enough…

6. Recall your greatest triumphs. What did they involve you DOING? Are you using enough of these effective behaviours currently?

7. Stretch. If you’ve not got enough challenge, and the situation is temporary then learn something new out of hours. Dream up a job spec for the indispensable freelance in your sector and start to prepare for it…

Belt it out baby, wiggle your booty and let Tom inspire you. Have a good week.

By szcz

4 thoughts on “What Tom Jones knows of Passion at Work”
  1. Thanks Mrs M.
    Another great post.
    You’ve inspired me to put organisational tart on my new business card.
    See you at the next tangental conference.

    1. That is great to hear – but am absolved of any responsibility for what follows as a result of this new role. Don’t take too much lying down is best advice!

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