Is your role giving you a headache at the moment?

You were enjoying it and it was absorbing you. Yes, there were challenges, and yes, it needed energy – you maybe had a lot to learn. Then bang! the economic downturn. Your developing, growing and exploring stopped. To be replaced by curbing, policing and saying no.

‘Up and at them’ turned into reduce and retreat.

You notice that there is less and less time to do what you love.

Before heading off to see a literal shrink, can some reinvention help? A new interest which distracts and absorbs us can often reduce stress. Reinventing our work role, by bolting on an invented one can refresh in the same way.

So how about turning:


Getting those radar out, trawling the broadest environment, searching out clues for opportunities. Create an area of investigation for where you think there may be scope for growth. Keep drilling down into the stuff that fascinates you.


Innovative people are usually promiscuous people in that their interests range over wide landscapes of possibility. They go to strangely tangential events, workshops, meet-ups. They put themselves about a lot and understand that even in the tech world, live word-of-mouth info is invaluable.


Can your online content be more inventive, reach wider, focus narrower or go through different media and social networks? Consider the mantra: publish or die…


Being your own best shrink can save money. What do you as a default behaviour when the going gets tough? ( clues: it’s usually what’s worked well in the past and is often about being more competent, controlling, networked, or distinctive). Does this reaction suit your current situation? Or could you try a different tack altogether?


It may be useful to remind yourself of when you have been an agent of transformation in the past, to dwell on that potent memory, and remind yourself you can do it again in the future. And useful to check that others can sense that invisible pointed hat and wand.

Treat yourself to these roles. Try them out, experiment with them and see what results.. Then if you have to, go and see that shrink.

By szcz

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