We’ve just started another run of Employability workshops at the university, and – in these dire times – are chuffed to find that over half our last cohort have found jobs.

Not claiming total credit, I do think we’ve unearthed some unconventional but effective tactics. Please share these with anyone you know who is job-seeking. Currently, you get a free pdf Interview Checklist when you subscribe here.

Go Guerilla

  • Energy, time and imagination are what’s required when jobs and money are in short supply. Schedule one event in your diary every day to help with this – even if  it’s just walking a neighbour’s dog. Do something physical and get outside.
  • Hang out near places you would like to work and stalk your potential colleagues lunchtime. Get chatting to people and ask their for advice. This is your best source of accessing that 80% hidden job market.
  • Produce online content that reveals technical skills and knowledge and other talents. No one can argue with the tangible and evident.
  • Sign up for free training courses which are government funded and study your nearest university’s website for interesting lectures and free events, to combine learning and networking.
  • Isolation is your biggest enemy. You may be better off  taking low paid or volunteer interim work than staying home alone, stewing.
  • Why not set-up a community initiative with other job-seekers if it suits you? You will be making something happen…

Be Creative

  • You can’t spend too much time imagining the point-of-view of a prospective employer – or researching it, either…
  • Could you write a press release for where you want to work? Even if it just their ‘state of the nation’ annual address.
  • Read Altucher Confidential if you want inspiration with humour
  • And like he says, start doing aspects of the job you want in one guise or another – even if it’s just going to the library everyday to work 10-6 on your job search and meeting a friend for lunch.
  • Go bananas helping people solve their problems and equip yourself to do this; soon problem-solving vibes will start to ooze out of your every pore…
  • Become a futurologist in your sector. Beef up on threats and opportunities in it and scenario generate for the future. Your research could position you well for a future role.
  • Why not plan a business of some description to fit these future scenarios? Talk about it, test it, try it out as a little pilot online…

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Finally at the top here, and as you’ve probably gathered, is the video and coach-yourself book to go with the Employability programme which runs into next year, for job-seeker graduates in Wales.

By szcz

12 thoughts on “Why 51% Of Our Job Seeker Grads Get Work”
  1. Great comments. Isolation is a killer and it is so important to surround yourself with people, even if it isn’t your ideal job – it could lead to other things. Great post!

  2. Great stuff Pippa, as usual. We have my nephew with us currently as an intern and he is going to the Bangor course next week. Would love to find out more about your Cardiff stuff. Could always do Foxy’s?

  3. Thank you Pipa. It’s Anna from the December employability skills course. These stuff always worth revising and I saw your post just in time for an interview! By the way I have assessment with Arup and I am very excited and terrified about it! 😀

    1. Anna that is really such great news and thank you for getting in touch about it. Get loads of practice beforehand – I know you will anyway – and very best wishes for it. Will tell everyone at uni and they will be thrilled too.

  4. Hia
    Just popped by to say hi and give you an update. Since your wonderful course I’ve got myself a confident looking cv and sent it off with a couple of speculative letters. I’ve also organised an information interview with someone who had a cool job I want AND, a lad I grew up with suggested I apply for a job that was in the dreaded 80%.
    I’m still unsure of that LinkedIn in and have been putting it off until I have a spare few hours…. But overall I’ve had a big surge in approach and energy.
    So thank you for the boost in confidence and for the wealth of tips (the eye thing is still freaking my husband out, I think I’m doing it wrong). Please send my warm regards to Manjula, as to you, and thanks to both of you.
    Cath (Feb 2012 course)

    1. Hi Cath

      Thanks so much for this – can’t quite believe how much you’ve done since the course – it’s amazing… I’d suggest going as narrow and specialist as you can on Linked – In to minimise the spammers, and there are over 1 million groups to choose from apparently. Water will feature, am sure!

      Will send this to Manjula now and am sure, like me, she will be thrilled. All very best to you.

  5. Hi Cath,
    Definitely thrilled to hear this upbeat update – we (me & Mrs M) are in total agreement that the most enthusiastic delegates get results soonest – so do keep up the momentum…


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