Are you stuck for content inspiration sometimes? You may find it useful to imagine yourself in lovely Kate Winslett’s shoes as she made her Emmy speech, and talk about your mama.

One of psychology’s most controversial areas – to what extent should mothers martyr themselves? – whatever your view, this is a most defining relationship. Along with other archetypes, the idea and word ‘mother’ immediately rouses images, emotions and deep and primitive connections. Archetypes are universal and exist cross cultures.

You can conduct an immediate experiment here to verify this. Close your eyes for a moment and come up with mental images you associate with ‘mama’. Comfort? pain? love? sadness?..

(Disclaimer:this is not aimed at therapeutic benefits, merely to illustrate. When I do it, I immediately see a Police Station but we won’t go there now)

So archetypes help our content, whatever it is, and they are the essence of all our stories.

The thwarted hero (Obama, Tony Blair), wicked witch ( Monica Lewinsky), fascinating wizard (Steve Jobs) fill our news, as well as our fiction. Kate Winslett herself, is an earth mother. Rebuilding her life after divorce and doing celebrity real.

When we remind people of easily recognizable archetypes, or use them in our content, we increase our accessibility. The Superman Syndrome by Gene Ladrum, where you pick an archetype and try and become it, describes this as an approach to self-help.

Now here’s the proof. ‘Why I Love Joe Paterno and My Mom’ by self-publishing millionaire hero John Locke and ‘On Dying, Mothers and Fighting For Your Ideas’ by content wizard Jon Morrow are two of the most popular and effective posts on the web.

Something for the rest of us to suck on here.

Meanwhile off, here, to stir that cauldron…

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