Creating a ‘social shared object’ – as Seth Godin describes the book of the future – may be a much wiser investment.


Book writing of any value involves slog and isolation.

There are ways to minimize this. In panic and behind deadline, I used a voice recorder for ‘Irresistibility’ and then edited and shaped the transcription. The Times bought and serialized it, so it can’t have been that bad…

What should you realistically expect from writing a book?

Well – if your book is non-fiction and business related, it can convey authority, something to offer clients and customers you may not have connected with for a while.

Where your book is written in a friendly and accessible style, you will get new interest.

Books are – above all else – triggers for conversation. And the more your book is a fresh take or unexpected interpretation of subject, the greater the interest. Common sense my friends, really.

If it’s fiction and provocative, then readers will share amazing emotional experiences with you and surprise you with their insights, feedback and questions.

Either way, engaging with people who have bothered to read what you’ve written, then to think about and discuss it, produces deep humility about humanity and connection – a most special and warm form of rapport. (Thank you, and you know who you are…)

Your title will matter a great deal.

A publisher shows they ‘get’ your book, if they agree on title. If you are self-publishing, and entirely online, then you title will need to say what the book is about, for search purposes. It will need to be clearly reflective of, and appealing to, your niche.

We live in times where there is much debate about the nature of books. The value of sales of E-books has increased by 188% in the first half of this year, according to the Publishers’ Association.

Where your book is not image-heavy, then free or low-cost software can create a decent e-book with a few clicks of your mouse.

Production is not the challenge : writing something which is ‘discoverable‘ and marketing it effectively, is.

So does it still grab you?

If so, you may be interested in this one-off workshop I’m running in Cardiff on Dec 1st, for those of you who fancy creating a book over Christmas.

In my experience, authorship can be life-changing, and not just an excuse to sneak away from Auntie Maud, after the sprouts and chipolatas.

As bookings to date have all been from non-fiction writers, with business purpose, I’ve narrowed the focus of the session to accommodate this.

Looking forward to discussing your ideas and you will be most welcome.

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