Our Employability workshops for graduates start at the university this week, so currently immersed in reading what employers say they want. I love Catherine’s Career Corner and will urge our grads to use it as a resource.

But even for an older researcher the amount of advice online can be overwhelming. So for clarity and focus I’ve shaped priorities into Continue reading

man not listening

People seem to be burbling about the conversation that is social media, everywhere I go. And many of us blogging will know the exhilaration of ‘ I talk!’ followed by the let-down of ‘ But is anyone listening now?’

Today though, and to fit with a live event, I thought it would be useful to talk about our actual voices. This was inspired by an audio debate on the web between Matt Mullenweg and Chris Pearson , both leaders in the WordPress community. Their voices are quite different – and I think lead to different judgements about them as people. Estimates are that in live interaction, generally, 38% of the impression we make on others comes Continue reading


and what to do when you’re stuck with someone who isn’t.

Talk of collaboration and partnership is everywhere at the moment: it’s one way of making the recession seem less grim. Setting up several new projects reminds me that some people have far stronger co-working instincts than others.

Here’s how to spot signals for easy collaboration early on – and how to cope with someone who is a resolute soloist. Continue reading