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‘I am creative’ someone will say on a workshop ‘I just don’t have an idea about what to do at the moment’. Now many enterprises have people whose jobs are substantially about coming up with new ideas to deadlines. Most of them would vouch that getting ideas is easy – it’s making them happen is the hard part. We’ll tackle that Continue reading

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Observing 100 or so people at Networking workshops this week has taught me something: even the brightest and most articulate can dread the prospect. When mention of core survival skills comes up, there is much frantic note-scribbling. Assuming some of you may be in the same boat then, here are some tips:

  1. 1. Invent a purpose or research project to do while you are networking. This gives task and structure to the whole shaboodle. Your purpose could range from Continue reading

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Top request amongst clients at the moment is for networking workshops. Where fear lurks about redundancy, or falling sales or survival of an entire organization, networking provides a life raft of hope. But with less pressing need too, people want to develop their networking skills to learn and to build partnerships. We view it as a modern, usually cost-effective way of working , with some employers starting to include evidence of networking in appraisal.

If this idea makes you shudder, then this post tries to make networking easier.

Perhaps you’re assuming (wrongly) what’s involved is naked self-promotion. But networking is about conversation, exchange Continue reading