french revolution

Most of us know New Year’s resolutions rarely work. Who needs to feel inadequate when the weather’s been challenging, relatives demanding, we’re spent out and catering exhaustion is setting in…?

But if you like analysis and reflection, the break does create opportunity to conduct a personal life review – and to read psychological babble like this. My hardest job in 2010 was a coaching session for someone who made no goals and set herself no direction in life: just did what she felt was required at the time, she said. So we could only use her present for analysis, rather Continue reading


With people’s plans disrupted by the weather, this is a peculiar run-up to Christmas. If we’re perfectionists, or believe the buck stops with us, or that we hold the power to create collective good mood ( not so) – then bliss of bliss! – we can throw in the towel and relax: the weather’s in control.

And while we may feel exorcized about gifts not being delivered or shopping cancelled, perhaps it helps to think about what giving Continue reading


A short post today, 2 questions being uppermost here: will gifting the book ‘Life of Pee’ encourage the 13year old to read ?…and how did 2010 unravel so many loose ends?

Am due to hand in web design project next weekend and sweating over it – web decorating being more apt for what I do (and we’re talking decorating in a bloke with a ladder and white van way).

But at least the exercise has me seeking solace in the mantra: Continue reading

Please bear ( bare?) with me: this post as promised is about being real – or as organizational or cool types like to call it – authentic. Theme in head, it’s been one of those weeks where connections to it have come crowding in.

Over at the Dylan Jones Evans blog the dynamic Welsh professor discusses anonymous comments and blogging. Anonymous comments are boring to me: they fail Continue reading