A short post today, 2 questions being uppermost here: will gifting the book ‘Life of Pee’ encourage the 13year old to read ?…and how did 2010 unravel so many loose ends?

Am due to hand in web design project next weekend and sweating over it – web decorating being more apt for what I do (and we’re talking decorating in a bloke with a ladder and white van way).

But at least the exercise has me seeking solace in the mantra: remember the basics. It reiterates how much learning involves connecting to what we know already, and our purpose. I got web design when it made sense as building a house out of code in various languages : an architecture.

So just like business pitching in web design it is helpful to announce:

-this is what this is
-this is what we offer you
-this is what you can do here
-you can trust us
-you can have conversation with us
-you can feel comfortable to spend time here
-we may highlight a contradiction for you
-we may help you to solve that contradiction
-we would like you to engage further with us, at a time of your choosing…

Here’s an interesting example: oneleapto.

All communication has core design: basic advice on web content concerns simplicity, immediacy, clear theme, repetition of key elements and positioning in 3s. Just like pitching in business.

Good advice suggests we remember, too, both online and face-to-face, that human decision making is as much – if not more – about feelings and fantasies as well as detached analysis.

Back to the pixels.


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  1. Wow..what an awesome post. This is such very informative and useful information.

    Keep posting this kind of blogs…

  2. Thanks you, I like this post it is very good and informative. I am sure that this post will be very helpful and informative to all readers.

  3. good job,
    helpful one. is help to create new web design.


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