3 leadersA salutary and short tale this week. A friend got a new job based on her success at winning funding for a project. The friend excelled at applying for funding, but she had few skills to run the project. But that did not deter the organization she worked for installing her at its head. She knew she was on a steep learning curve.

Early on she started to flounder. The organization, nominally an intelligent Continue reading


‘Look love, you either know what you want or you don’t here, and you either want me or you don’t’. This is what I should have said when talking to a potential client on the phone recently – but did not. Instead I supplied heaps of useful information acquired over 22 years, for free. In the City in London this would rack up about £500 – in rural South Wales: nada.

Now I wouldn’t be writing this post, if I didn’t believe in working for free. And at WordPress (host here) alone, there are Continue reading

Chief First Impressions Officer

If you visit this cowshed, you will be met by the Chief First Impressions Officer, who will then become the Director of Refreshments followed by the Head of Practical Psychology, a.k.a, me. Self-employed readers will know how it is working for ourselves: we can be whoever we want to be, but we have to be everybody required at times, too. But job titles, real or imagined, can motivate us.

In the UK at the moment, job titles are going quirky. The government calls psychologists, Behavioural Scientists and would like ministers Continue reading

hounds and fox

A couple of years back, I got hired to mentor someone we’ll call Reynard. He was sent to me because he felt ill-at-ease, lacking in confidence and that his career was going nowhere. When we first met, he surprised me by asking for a view on what he was wearing. He did not stop talking and I liked him enormously. He was uninhibited, emotional and extrovert.

As our sessions progressed it became clear that his organization was introvert Continue reading