schoolboyThis is first in a series of a stripped-out approach to communication skills at work, looking at what’s critical. The advice is based on practical experience building engagement, dynamism and impact – and also on interesting insights from academia.

You can use these guidelines with large audiences, small meetings and 1-2-1, and they will help you Continue reading

thanks to Lillian Campanile in US for this

At the end of revising The Novel here in the cowshed, and getting batty. Close to 100,000 words of revision, moving from 1st person to 3rd, the words come up at me from the laptop screen and then go back down, tweaked…

Time alone will tell if this is pigheaded obstinacy or tenacious will pay off.

Coincidentally I keep meeting people – well 3 in the past couple of weeks – who have decided to up sticks on their well paid, secure careers and strike out on their own.

But as recently described in The Psychologist, Continue reading

half lemon

Please look at this photo left or close your eyes and picture yourself sucking half a lemon. Notice what is happening in your mouth. Ah yes…our minds have just created juice (more evocative word than saliva). We stopped for a ‘what might be’ moment and made something happen.

These ‘what might be’ moments are called generative thinking – Linda Stone gives interesting examples of this here. It’s taking space for a moment to set aside the demands and duties of the present and project ahead. Analytical thinking, the mainstay of most business and professions, concerns itself Continue reading

Compering a couple of conferences last week for uber-coach Russell Amerasekera reminded me of the importance of identifying our own truth. Russell left corporate life when he was at the top to pursue his most important values in his work. One of which is that we should play without fear.

So without further ado folks, cast your doubts aside, please, to play… Spot Your Talent.

Find Your Flow

What activity engrosses you so you forget about yourself, time flies and from which you get a huge sense of satisfaction? (ignore the carnal). This activity will have defined your best memories of performing well. Is this activity permitted/encouraged/endorsed at work? Are you doing enough of it there?

Position Your Flow

Are you linked to the best people to get this activity and what it produces, valued? You may be the most amazing computer programmer in the world, Continue reading