Guesting on a workshop for students on a master’s programme this week. Here’s the gist of it:



1. Immerse yourself in your subject – go Baptist
2. Look for Continue reading

I love the capacity of the web to convey what interesting individuals do. And when this is mixed with the folksy and personal, so much the better. We get a sense of the whole person.

Now in my humble view too, voices of our Monstrous Regiment of Women could do with greater projection all over the place (*feminist drum-roll sounds*). And especially online.

So here’s a small contribution to this cause, via description and links. Rather than corporate queens, these are quirky individuals, humanizing the web via their content and offering idea boutiques Continue reading

1. We can disagree with them 2. They create an illusion of order in the universe 3. Our wannabe instincts get motivated by them… 4. Or they confirm our prejudices i.e. the Rich (or Greedy) list, the Top Intellectuals ( or Pretentious) list, the Happiness Creators ( or Clearly Deluded) list 5. They reaffirm that […]

‘You brought your bags?’ says the checkout lady at the supermarket. I shake my head. ‘You got your clubcard?’ Shake, again. She looks reproachful. ‘Not doing very well are you?’

Considering how every little insult helps, I reveal my mantra. ‘Just muddlin’ on through’ I say, trying to smile.

Now this lady may not know it but she is the Creativity Assassin Continue reading