I love the capacity of the web to convey what interesting individuals do. And when this is mixed with the folksy and personal, so much the better. We get a sense of the whole person.

Now in my humble view too, voices of our Monstrous Regiment of Women could do with greater projection all over the place (*feminist drum-roll sounds*). And especially online.

So here’s a small contribution to this cause, via description and links. Rather than corporate queens, these are quirky individuals, humanizing the web via their content and offering idea boutiques rather than department stores.

1. Susan Weinschenk

Her blog What Makes Them Click and books, provide most useful content on applying psychology in all sorts of contexts. Although her titles ‘Neuro Web Design’ and ‘100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know’ may imply specialist market, her practical approach can enlighten anyone interested in how we communicate effectively, online. Wise and focused – I want to be her.

2. Ginny Redish

Plain language and ‘content as conversation’ expert. Her book Letting Go Of The Words is often cited along with Steve Krug’s ‘Don’t Make Me Think’ as critical reading for good web communication (and they work together live, as well ). Phd in linguistics from Harvard, early trailblazer of User Experience, seriously seems to know her stuff…

3. Kathy Sierra

Computer programmer, game developer and writer, ahead of her time, forced to lower profile due to misogynistic bullying and intimidation online. Her Creating Passionate Users blog is no longer updated but holds fascinating content. You can see her more recently here where she reveals what readers really want from books.

Want to be her, too – if just to present like she does.

4. LadyGeek

A couple of women with a business consultancy advising on making tech more woman-friendly. They’re here less for their ideas than that their LadyGeektv reviews on gadgets are fun, fun, fun. UK based.

5. Sarah Parmenter

A wise young interface designer with lovely stuff on her You Know Who website and blog . Distinctive and admirable at doing her own thing, she speaks at international web design conferences and the cool New Adventures conference in the UK. Should be inundated with business from web offerings aimed at women…

6. Ree Drummond

Or the Pioneer Women . Forget yummy-mummy sites and other plethora – here is a remarkably resourceful woman who has used her own situation and talents to create this gorgeous blog. She mixes the quirky and intensely personal (home schooling) with the widely useful ( cooking and photoshop tips). Now a popular author. And yes, she lives on a ranch…with millions of visitors.

OK. The sharp-eyed amongst you will notice that there are eight women in the photo at the top and just six listed here. Further suggestions are most welcome.


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  1. […] Pippa has given us permission to share links to two of her blogs This she wrote specifically about women on the internet.  Pippa is an avid learner, and loves to immerse herself in a subject, and the 6 ‘Wise Women […]


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