Like everyone with a creative streak (most of us), I have loads of ideas. 1 in 10 of these works and makes some money. But several times a day that doesn’t stop me thinking ‘Good grief, this is a brilliant idea. It’ll change the world and make a fortune’

Now recently I’ve had several meetings Continue reading

Is your role giving you a headache at the moment?

You were enjoying it and it was absorbing you. Yes, there were challenges, and yes, it needed energy – you maybe had a lot to learn. Then bang! the economic downturn. Your developing, growing and exploring stopped. To be replaced by curbing, policing and saying no.

‘Up and at them’ turned into reduce and retreat.

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Energy, persistence, incisive thinking, audience obsession… just a few of the qualities required to commit to book or blog writing. More suggestions:

Your Groove

1. Identify what gives you a buzz
2. Which absorbs you totally
3. So you Continue reading

A marketing director was presenting at a conference.

He showed a social networking video which was familiar to many of the 300 strong audience. At first just a few heads tilted downwards to tweet their reaction. Then, more Mexican nod than wave, more and more of the audience Continue reading

panicky lady

Bosses can be like mothers, possessing an uncanny knack of identifying weakspots and how to drill into them, most painfully.

And our weakspots usually involve what we care most about being found out not to be.

In other words, weakspots almost always involve pride: the top quality in your self-image that you will defend Continue reading

Maybe this is familiar to you.

You’re charged with getting people to perform better for no obvious rewards. People who feel they are constantly slogging away against the odds. Confidence levels plummet and they start to expect to fail…

So what can you do Continue reading