middle earth

In Middle-earth on the web currently, where marvellous teachers with names like Guido and Korval advise on formatting. No wonder games-developers-turned-fantasy-writers dominate online book sales. They are the only folk who really know what’s going on.

Now if you earn your living from giving advice in one form or another, you’ll know this is a demanding activity. Here are some contradictions Continue reading

Coming up to this blog’s first birthday and time to ruminate on a year in. Where you’re thinking of starting a blog – or maybe abandoning the habit – here’s a take on how blogging can help you:

1. Show you can ship. That you can engage people and deliver content regularly.
2. Build relationships. You lose the limits of your Continue reading

1.Take low breaths, not deep breaths, but breaths which drop into the bottom part of your lungs.
2.Let the breath out slowly
3.A good sequence is In for 1, 2, out for 1,2, in for 1,2, out for 1,2,3 extending it up to 5
4.Remember bringing down your rate of breathing can help bring down heart rate
5.Just stop, sip a glass of cold water Continue reading