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1. Know something…really know it, love it, sleep it, eat it, marinade yourself in it…
2. So you experience an overwhelming compulsion to communicate it
3. And you will try Continue reading

‘Wonderful post’

‘you are awesome’

‘so inspiring’

Lovely, isn’t it? Getting positive Continue reading

Are you stuck for content inspiration sometimes? You may find it useful to imagine yourself in gushy Kate Winslett’s shoes as she made her Emmy speech, and talk about your Continue reading


You go to networking event after networking event. You meet lots of great people and have fun. But none of it seems to convert into business.

You work your butt off on twitter providing interesting content and reaction. You’ve nearly 1500 followers…and yet, no one currently wants your services.

Fact is: you can be brilliant at what you do, have something marvellous to offer, but Continue reading

Results of an experiment here today. First e-book up on Kindle, and – weyhey! – video to go with it. IF YOU SUBSCRIBE, YOU SHOULD RECEIVE A FREE PDF OF THE BOOK.Please let me know if you haven’t. For tech lovers, this project’s involved Open Office, Dreamweaver, Mobipocket, Calibre, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Free Music Downloads, Garage […]

It’s that time of year… summer over, and for some of us back to work where we don’t feel appreciated, rewarded or stretched enough. According to a recent report, a third of US workers feel like Continue reading