September 29, 2011

51 Moves to Becoming An Expert

studentyour stance

1. Know something…really know it, love it, sleep it, eat it, marinade yourself in it…
2. So you experience an overwhelming compulsion to communicate it
3. And you will try all sorts of experiments to communicate it creatively
4. And seek out fellow enthusiasts in deep recesses of the web jungle
5. Who may require many days to reach…
6. Learn the different structures in your subject
7. And schools of thought
8. And ask yourself: ‘what are the huge and glaring contradictions here?’
9. And what would people in a completely different discipline think are the glaring contradictions…
10. Then poke around in these contradictions and hope you feel uncomfortable doing it…
11. Because if you do, other people will probably feel something too..
12. And here we have the start of something called engagement.

you talk

13. Then you need find people to talk to about these contradictions
14. And when you listen you will notice that some contradictions are just stress-inducing
15. And this is where your subject has most relevance and usefulness
16. So if you want to use your authority effectively
17. And get paid for it…
18. Then hang on in here.
19. Your subject will have principles
20. And it will have case histories, scenarios and examples
21. Principles are attractive to abstract thinkers, about a third of the population
22. But all of us get stories as it is a core way (along with comparison and contrast) of making sense of the world
23. So you need several gripping stories
24. Which have vivid elements
25. And link to what is happening in the zeitgeist
26. And have basis in truth
27. For you will be rumbled if not…
28. And sabotage your soul

you connect

29. The conveying of authority
30. Is a lifelong quest to find relevance
31. And sometimes it involves feeling irrelevant and
32. Out-of-date, when where you seek to operate has changed
33. In ways you did not expect or see happening
34. And then the matching of what you love and have learnt, to context where you can be helpful
35. Need start again.
36. People’s reactions are the quickest way to see matching
37. Which means really looking and listening to them
38. You are always researching, not knowing best, but researching
39. Which involves asking the most useful questions…
40. And these can be very simple, like
41. ‘What do you think about this?’
42. Because we can’t call ourselves authorities
43. Other people do that
44. And what they often mean is
45. ‘they connect to my need’
46. ‘they are very good at finding relevant stuff’
47. ‘I trust them to know where I are coming from’
48. So you have choices, people
49. Whether you want to be an ‘authority’
50. Or whether you want to an ‘enthusiast’ ‘learner’ ‘pattern detector’ ‘researcher’ ’empathizer’
51. And yeah, someone may also say: ‘you know your stuff, you do’.


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