‘I’m at a cross-roads’ said my friend, when I bumped into him last week ‘my last project didn’t work at all, and I’m keeping our family going just with established consultancy I’ve had Continue reading


Conference organizers and presentation instructions can be confusing. The best guide to how you match who is in the audience, to what you know and care about, is the attendee list. Let it be your lodestar.

Your actual words don’t Continue reading

Imagine, please, you are a cave person. Paleolithic woman or man. You make a cave painting – a horse, some hunting, a stag. Do you:

1) Yell to everyone in your village ‘Come and see what I’ve done, folks… it’s brilliant!’

2) Or selectively target individuals Continue reading

In your view is success about aggression, drive and resilience or could it be much more to do with how we handle the soft and fluffy stuff of temptation?

In 1972, Stanford psychology professor Walter Mischel, ran a much-reported experiment. Pre-school children were given 1 marshmallow each, Continue reading