You spent how much on that programme? You need your head read!’
(Friends react as I reveal my spend on online self – improvement)

Using the excuse of research, the past 12 months I’ve immersed myself in various online learning courses and learning experiences. With some of them, as I hit the Pay Pal button I’ve known that seduction Continue reading

We’ve just started another run of Employability workshops at the university, and – in these dire times – are chuffed to find that over half our last cohort have found jobs.

Not claiming total credit, I do think we’ve unearthed some unconventional but effective Continue reading

So… once upon a time, there was a leader/coach/teacher who wasn’t getting through to their people/clients/children as well as they wanted to…and then they discovered the art of story. From then on…

You can decide what happens next. Maybe Continue reading

Here’s the thing…

You’re just about keeping your business going in these lean times. You’re getting some business in – from well-established customers and clients maybe – but no growth. Everyone you speak to seems to say the same thing: ‘Things are very tight… and we’re just fire-fighting Continue reading

A simple but incredibly useful model of influence says that we persuade from four positions. Here’s a summary of what I reckon to be their various strengths and weaknesses in Twitter content. The different effects though apply to any context where we influence.


Bowel movements, inconsequential meals, dramas with their hamster… Continue reading