Forget resolutions. An Oomph Project for yourself, where you plan for impact in 2012, is a much more fun way to swing into the New Year.

In ten days, I co-deliver a project helping people in a very specific context to up their global profile. Beefing up on this over the holidays, the Kindle’s just been brilliant at letting me leap Continue reading

Is it just me or are too many pop psychology books bland and under-researched?

If you share this viewpoint – or indeed if you’re looking for a present for any sort of learning geek – then Continue reading

invisible sign
Ever get the feeling that you have much more to offer, but can’t quite communicate this to people?

Inspired by a conference session last week, it occurred to me that many people I know – and some of you are regular visitors here – have hidden assets Continue reading

On workshops, I often urge people to substitute ‘enthuse’ if they find the idea of ‘selling’ Continue reading