When I was an undergrad, our university librarian was poet Philip Larkin.

This made the library much more popular for Special Honours Drama, than it would have been otherwise.

We ran a weekly competition for greatest number of sightings of  the esteemed poet, between the shelves. As drama students we were mostly liars, Continue reading


So…this arrived in the mailbox here this week:

‘We received 15 quotes in response to our advertisement, 14 of which offered proposals which more than adequately met our brief. I regret to advise that, on this occasion, your bid was not successful, regrettably it was Continue reading

Brain scientists are on a crusade to promote a crucial discovery: that your brain rewires itself throughout life and is characterized by what they call ‘plasticity’. Closely linked to this idea, is the notion that how you learn Continue reading

So, we meet in a cafe. You tell me you’re in education/media/business/coaching – a creative, maybe. I tell you I’m your fairy godmother. And I’m giving you your own free publishing company

With which you can

• chat with those you serve and serve them better
• prove your value Continue reading