Like you maybe, I’ve had a little social media journey – starting a blog, joining twitter and linked – in, and then feeling that I should do Google + and Facebook.

But these shoulds rarely work in life, do they?… and in truth I shouldn’t have bothered…

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People buzz a great deal these days about ‘partnerships’, ‘collaboration’ and ‘joint ventures’ – but to be nifty and effective about these, we have to get to trust each other – and quickly.

And do you ever get the feeling intuitively when you meet someone, that you can trust them – but that their behaviour signals are not helping convey this?

When we doubt each other, negotiations and deals take longer, we’ll hold back commitment and resource Continue reading

So he just writes books about how to have bigger boobs and stuff like that’ says my friend ‘ then he sells millions online, and just hangs out in coffee shops with his laptop’

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Beryl the Peril

Or how naughty beats nice…

Sorry guys, but this post has a female focus this week – as am out and about speechifying for International Women’s Day. Teenage sons here are Continue reading