It was a most fantastic day at Cybher yesterday, the women bloggers conference and you may guess that there was absolutely no need at all for anyone to pump up the volume… Heck, some of these gals can talk..

Big thanks to Sian and her team for the event and invite to contribute – and for all you that missed it, but want to know more, here are the slides.

Here’s the book to blog project Your Blog Voice to read online, and here to buy at Kindle:

Do hope it inspires.. and please let me know if you produce a book – I’d love to see it.


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  1. Thanks for a great session, it was really interesting and informative.

  2. THanks for sharing that – I didn’t get to see your session, too busy running about, so have bookmarked and will be back

    Claire @ Cybher

  3. Thanks lovely. I’ve heard nothing but great things about your session. Thank you so much for being involved.

  4. […] people liking this session online and offline at conferences, I thought I’d run a very small workshop developing it, locally in […]


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