Tomorrow’s digital impresarios?

Our personalities remain the same on and offline, but in many online places we get deprived of social data from each other.

Something that seems like an attack in an online forum – like ‘you are nuts’ – can seem quite different live, when we see an indulgent smile and hear a warm voice.

In the past year, I’ve noticed people taking up a new role linking these worlds: that of Digital Impresario.

Credible, authoritative and Continue reading

Here’s an experiment you may like to try.

You get up tomorrow morning, with the purpose of going cold turkey on stories.

You will attempt to take them out of your life entirely.

So… no media consumption, no asking family members ‘how are you today?’ (you may well get a story) , no telling yourself as you look Continue reading

GE as Olympic sponsors kindly asked me to do a turn the other evening, on workshops I’ve run pre-Olympics for UK Sport.

As the audience were about to play some team games themselves, we ran it as an interactive session. Here’s what we tackled:


What stories are running through individuals’ minds before competition – and how do they contribute to team Continue reading

Maybe not the sexiest content ever – but every # connects to some great links on psychology of influence and decision-taking at the end – and these days most of us need to know something about this. Originally delivered to clinicians live, with practical exercises. Decision Shaping View more PowerPoint from Philippa Davies