This is the 100th post here – appropriately at the start of a week which is full of possibility.

Here in Wales, the Oi conference takes place on Thursday with Mark Schaefer , as keynote speaker. 200 people Continue reading

women hunters

Sanga Tribe Hunters

On a project with a media-ravenous professor, he recycled the same powerpoint slides regardless of audience.

Even when it was pointed-out that he intended to present slides most obviously designed for a general small biz audience, to a group of tv bosses, he felt no shame.

Why spend time thinking and tweaking about your specific audience, when you could spout Continue reading

Finishing off a short film here on clapping, copying and clicking on the web, called Clickclap.

And getting ready for the OI conference where Kred and Klout will feature.

For those of you unfamiliar, these are apps that measure social influence – they offer ‘your full influence story’ and ‘the standard for influence’.

Something about these apps turns me off – though I love analytics generally – and I’ve worked out what it is.

It’s the idea that ‘online social influence’ should be of great import, maybe more than what people make, invent and produce.

Why Comparison is Useful

For all sorts of reasons, comparing ourselves to others can be helpful. We get to benchmark ourselves, and if wise, ask ‘What is that person/enterprise doing to be successful Continue reading