Public life – and seeking any sort of public office – is becomingly increasingly reliant on pixels, those tiny elements which make up digital image.

Presenting on this theme last week, got me researching the recent Obama Continue reading

Preparing for a Building Engagement with WordPress workshop this week, has got me thinking about visitor psychology and content.

For you if you can’t be there – or if you are and want a recap – here’s a summary of main points:

Your Visitors Have Come To DO…

Unlike traditional media, which is more passive, we are online to DO things: search, browse, compare, curate, and Continue reading


You’re asking us to simplify a message’ says the Dean of Social Science ‘When our whole orientation is to complicate it’.

Hired to introduce impact skills training to senior academics at a university, I ask them to choose a constituency they wish to influence.

Then they are to come up with a one phrase mission for their message, to this constituency.

This turns out to be quite a challenge, which foxes Continue reading