You spot someone online you like the look of. They have an overlapping area of interest with you. You get chatting, maybe meet up even. You wonder whether there may be possibility of collaboration.

They try to sell you something. You don’t buy. They try to sell you something again. You still resist…

You notice communication with them falls off, and an uneasy Continue reading


‘All the team needs to be involved, and it needs to be active. And we want every single person to contribute’

So requests a client, city analysts, intent on a retreat to build strategy.

Now I don’t know about you, but my best ideas usually come from a tight corner, so hiring three Mac Continue reading

Last year I got to know someone who claims to be a business expert online, targeting entrepreneurs. This person’s a good public speaker, who does detailed homework beforehand. They’re very bright, quick to get on top of complex matters and come up with many ideas. Their background is in government and social enterprise, making them a thorough, diligent and values-based teacher.

But they are no more an entrepreneurism expert than I am a polar Continue reading