‘All the team needs to be involved, and it needs to be active. And we want every single person to contribute’

So requests a client, city analysts, intent on a retreat to build strategy.

Now I don’t know about you, but my best ideas usually come from a tight corner, so hiring three Mac Book Pros and Flip cameras, I thought they could make ‘ X Company: The Future’, the movie.

Split into teams, I gave this brief:

‘You need to be absolutely clear about who your movie is for and what its purpose is.

We want all of you to appear in the movie. Ideally it would be no more than three minutes. You have three hours to produce this’

The Shoot And Delivery

Everything happened like this, but the three hours got stretched, notably by the team who insisted on doing every single task collectively, rather than divvying up responsibility.

They learnt to use iMovie (basic Mac editing software) on a ‘need to know basis’: but the team with a seasoned user were able to be much more adventurous.

Three quite contrasting movies got created.

The ‘Young Turks’ team produced an upbeat, very positive info movie about what new recruits to the business could expect over the coming year.

The ‘Bosses’ team created an epic featuring global domination (stills of the Parthenon), money everywhere and Bacchanalian excesses.

The ‘Sceptics’ team made a biting satire, featuring the Bosses becoming more and more extreme. It included a tantrum over the cost of paper clips and complete paralysis in decision-making (Learning & Development got anxious during this showing).

The idea worked remarkably well to engage everyone – the teams were no bigger than five. And the content created displayed hopes, fears, loves and loathings more than I could have predicted.

Would Quentin have run this differently?

Probably. But am sure he’d have spotted potential in the rushes for a corporate version of Pulp Fiction…

Be fascinating to review the films with analysis of direction taken in a year’s time.

Otherwise, as they say, it was a wrap.

Please comment below if you want to know more.


Join the conversation! 5 Comments

  1. Awesome post! Would love to see the videos now 🙂

    • Thanks Alessio. It would be great to be able to show them but suspect the client’s competitors would love that too… Thanks for commenting and hope all well with you.

  2. great idea, I really like this movie idea as a vehicle for feedback!

    • Thanks Tony, yes it did work a treat – and you will like this I suspect – because exercise had clear aim and defined audience. And because everyone has to be involved, it was both thorough and creative. Most of us have a secret inner Hitchcock or Kathryn Bigelow too, I reckon… 😉


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