The community project I’m involved with currently is steaming ahead now. Here’s something we just produced which I hope makes you smile:

The group psychology of all of this is fascinating, especially the extent to which we view ourselves as networked people or hierarchical people.


I suspect we’ll all do some of both… for instance, you may be feeling somewhat superior to others as you read this, thinking just how networked you are…

But as Brad Feld points out in his most interesting case history of start-ups in Boulder Colorado, people with a strong networking orientation are most keen on impact – making it, sustaining it and making sure it is appropriate.

Those with a strong hierarchical orientation are keener on control – building it, preserving it and extending it.

Which explains why I had a funny conversation a couple of weeks ago, with someone who kept emphasizing the ‘senior’ nature of people involved in a project, while I was trying to talk about – ahem!- what the project would involve us building together…

And guess what, he’s now policing me heavily, which I brought on myself.

For Valentine’s Day though, I’ll stick with the networking.

2 big Mwah! Mwah!s to you all XX


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