April 6, 2013

Goodbye And Thank You

hive2Some of you may have noticed postings here have been getting less and less regular – and I’m sorry if this has disappointed you.

My job has changed from that of a work psychologist, moving from project to project, to community building for a government funded pilot helping digitalize small towns.

Some of you know too that I muck about with fiction… and have a project in development as a tv film.

Soooooh… what this means is that mrsmotivator needs to hibernate, go into exile or become an archive – and I’m choosing the latter for now.

But if content, creativity and community building interests you, I’m not departing the blogosphere entirely… here is my new blog

philippa davies

Most hugely, thank-you for your attention, interest and comments.

You’ve been a ball xxx


Join the conversation! 21 Comments

  1. Good luck Pippa, look forward to news and thanks for all the laughs here!

  2. Good luck with the new projects Philippa 🙂

  3. Oh! Great news – good luck with your new projects! The community building thing interests me – I have sort of been wondering lately if rotation curation (like @ireland, @scotvoices) exists, or could exist, on a much smaller scale to build hyper local communities online. Hadn’t got much further than wondering though!
    Interesting stuff – if there is anything I can do to help, let me know 🙂 Michelle

  4. I’ll miss my weekly dose of Mrs M, but will see you soon in the flesh I hope…lunch soon? X

  5. I’ve only recently followed this blog and I love your writing. Look forward to more real life chats with you soon over another pint of Guinness! Best of luck for the new project. Juliet

  6. Oh Pippa completely understand you have some amazingly exciting projects in the pipeline. I will miss you blog but I am sure we will keep in touch and I look forward to hearing about your projects. And I would like to be on the audition panel, I have experience in this field xxxx

  7. Yes Andrea, we’ll definitely stay in touch…I want to keep up with all the exciting projects you are up to, too. Will be in touch re the auditions ….;)

  8. Will miss that little pop up Mrs M but very excited that you can spend more time @Foxys perhaps for casting meetings.

  9. Pipa, will be sad to miss Mrs Motti in the future;
    but very glad for your new path. I was probably the only one following you in South America (in Venezuela), since I attended the Employability Skills course at Cardiff Uni in 2011 with you. Now I am back in Cardiff for new paths too. Wish you the best!

    • Hi Rene great to hear from you and that you have been following here from Venezuela… I remember you well and wish you the very best for your new venture

  10. Mrs Motti will be sorely missed. Always, absolutely always enjoyed your words …. Interesting that you are entering my professional zone. If I can help you with anything at all please yell! I’ve been working within the online communities zone for almost 5 years and I invite you to avail yourself of my expertise, if you need help. [Take a look at my LI profile to get a flavour for what I’ve been involved in].

    Rhianne Griffiths

  11. Looking forward to following your future projects Pippa; Mrs M will always be motivating! 🙂
    Speak to you soon x


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