‘Life a pitch, where your aim could be truer?… Then Mrs M’s your mama’

Hello and you’re at the right spot if you want to develop your career, using insights from a business psychologist, who loves technology.

What you’ll get here will help you be creative about what you do, sell yourself, make better decisions, and motivate and manage yourself and others more easily.


Where you’re after becoming top dog – it will help with that, too.

I’ve got here via founding a communications skills company and having clients like big business bosses (NBC, GE, HP, Merck, BBC, John Lewis), Prime and cabinet ministers and Olympic performance directions and head coaches. A university project on employability got me fired up on what the web offers – and now I do workshops at several universities on software and content opportunities, alongside work as a web editor.

Three beliefs fuel this mission:

    many of us are more creative than we value – but we may not be great at selling this creativity
    our urge to create is mixed in with our desire to share and trade
    many of us want to be succeed at business and live as decent and ethical human beings

(*descends from soap box*)

Here’s the whole cv and portfolio shaboodle

You can chat with me at: mrsmotiv at gmail dot com

PS. At night, I run WordPress Users Wales and Writers Of Wales

Who needs sleep, when you’ve got the internet?