11015Linked-In gobbles the recruitment industry, Amazon gorges on book publishing and the high street, Netflix swallows dvds while Skype devours phone companies…

Could your job be next?

At a sparky talk last week, Tom Morgan of Mint Digital reminded us how software hoovers up traditional business sectors and jobs though its capacity to connect, copy and upscale.

His business tackles this creatively by invention – both digital and physical.

But for those of us with jobs we fear becoming toast quite soon, Continue reading

Public life – and seeking any sort of public office – is becomingly increasingly reliant on pixels, those tiny elements which make up digital image.

Presenting on this theme last week, got me researching the recent Obama Continue reading


So…this arrived in the mailbox here this week:

‘We received 15 quotes in response to our advertisement, 14 of which offered proposals which more than adequately met our brief. I regret to advise that, on this occasion, your bid was not successful, regrettably it was Continue reading

We’ve just started another run of Employability workshops at the university, and – in these dire times – are chuffed to find that over half our last cohort have found jobs.

Not claiming total credit, I do think we’ve unearthed some unconventional but effective Continue reading

‘This is who I am – and they can take me or leave me’ or ‘I will be what ever they want me to be’ are frequent reactions to the stress of job seeking. We turn ourselves into Entrenchers, holding on grimly to our core qualities, or People Pleasers, abandoning these qualities in order to be whoever employers might want us to be.

But informal tracking of university graduates on our Employability programmes identifies distinctive qualities in those who find work quickly. Above all else, Continue reading

emb chimp

Observing 100 or so people at Networking workshops this week has taught me something: even the brightest and most articulate can dread the prospect. When mention of core survival skills comes up, there is much frantic note-scribbling. Assuming some of you may be in the same boat then, here are some tips:

  1. 1. Invent a purpose or research project to do while you are networking. This gives task and structure to the whole shaboodle. Your purpose could range from Continue reading