Slide1Life’s always easier when we work with our individual psychology rather than against it – and lots of people I talk to these days have to use social media Continue reading

geek partyThis time of year can be testing for geeks.

Mostly, you want to be researching and making things – whatever form your geekdom takes.

Your idea of socializing involves thinking: ‘I’ll just tell ’em what I’m doing and massively into, currently -and then they can relate to it if they want to’.

At a do this time last year, after 2 and a half hours of listening to me going on about the web, I caught the bloke sitting Continue reading


A few weeks ago, someone asked me to help them out at very short notice. A leadership expert* who was supposed to be delivering a masterclass had failed to turn up – by chance, I was in the location it was to be held – so the supplier asked me if I’d stand in. They offered me money. I said yes.

Slatternliness sometimes has its rewards and in my bag I found a memory stick with a couple of presentations on it. There was just one other minor problem – my clothing. Having a day off I was wearing my dog walking Continue reading

women hunters

Sanga Tribe Hunters

On a project with a media-ravenous professor, he recycled the same powerpoint slides regardless of audience.

Even when it was pointed-out that he intended to present slides most obviously designed for a general small biz audience, to a group of tv bosses, he felt no shame.

Why spend time thinking and tweaking about your specific audience, when you could spout Continue reading

Finishing off a short film here on clapping, copying and clicking on the web, called Clickclap.

And getting ready for the OI conference where Kred and Klout will feature.

For those of you unfamiliar, these are apps that measure social influence – they offer ‘your full influence story’ and ‘the standard for influence’.

Something about these apps turns me off – though I love analytics generally – and I’ve worked out what it is.

It’s the idea that ‘online social influence’ should be of great import, maybe more than what people make, invent and produce.

Why Comparison is Useful

For all sorts of reasons, comparing ourselves to others can be helpful. We get to benchmark ourselves, and if wise, ask ‘What is that person/enterprise doing to be successful Continue reading

Maybe not the sexiest content ever – but every # connects to some great links on psychology of influence and decision-taking at the end – and these days most of us need to know something about this. Originally delivered to clinicians live, with practical exercises. Decision Shaping View more PowerPoint from Philippa Davies