Working with unemployed grads and post-grads for a couple of years, 3 points stick with me: If you’re not from a background where networking plays a part in social advancement, then you need to learn guerilla networking Kids need encouragement to express themselves fully. One computing science MSc had shied away from mentioning the games […]

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So you go into a meeting/workshop/tutorial room feeling on top of your game… looking forward to your session…and positive interaction – and then you spot them.

Sitting slightly away from everyone else, they will be demonstrably engrossed in their smart phone, i-pad or incredibly pressing work. Yes, they are a member of that global tribe, who turn up when least expected or needed … the lesser-spotted Determinedly Difficult Person.

A couple of weeks ago, I had one of these in a group. She was on the offensive from the outset – maybe to do with me, or maybe to do with her having better things to do (the big boss had organized the session).

She’d run workshops and presentations herself she said, but we differed fundamentally over what this meant. Hers was that this involves ‘exercising power and control over the audience’. Call me lily-livered, but mine was about ‘hoping to be mildly influential and engage people’.

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Beryl the Peril

Or how naughty beats nice…

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Brain scientists are on a crusade to promote a crucial discovery: that your brain rewires itself throughout life and is characterized by what they call ‘plasticity’. Closely linked to this idea, is the notion that how you learn Continue reading

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1.Take low breaths, not deep breaths, but breaths which drop into the bottom part of your lungs.
2.Let the breath out slowly
3.A good sequence is In for 1, 2, out for 1,2, in for 1,2, out for 1,2,3 extending it up to 5
4.Remember bringing down your rate of breathing can help bring down heart rate
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