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Oh no, she’s not banging an about wimmin is she, again…

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Subscribers who are not local to Wales – most of you – please bear with this parish notice Continue reading

Slide1Life’s always easier when we work with our individual psychology rather than against it – and lots of people I talk to these days have to use social media Continue reading

The community project I’m involved with currently is steaming ahead now. Here’s something we just produced which I hope makes you smile:

The group psychology of all of this is fascinating, especially the extent to which we view ourselves as networked people or hierarchical people.


I suspect we’ll all do some of both… for instance, you may be feeling somewhat superior to others as you read this, thinking just how networked you are…

But as Brad Feld points out in his most Continue reading

You spot someone online you like the look of. They have an overlapping area of interest with you. You get chatting, maybe meet up even. You wonder whether there may be possibility of collaboration.

They try to sell you something. You don’t buy. They try to sell you something again. You still resist…

You notice communication with them falls off, and an uneasy Continue reading


‘All the team needs to be involved, and it needs to be active. And we want every single person to contribute’

So requests a client, city analysts, intent on a retreat to build strategy.

Now I don’t know about you, but my best ideas usually come from a tight corner, so hiring three Mac Continue reading