Beryl the Peril

Or how naughty beats nice…

Sorry guys, but this post has a female focus this week – as am out and about speechifying for International Women’s Day. Teenage sons here are Continue reading

‘I’m at a cross-roads’ said my friend, when I bumped into him last week ‘my last project didn’t work at all, and I’m keeping our family going just with established consultancy I’ve had Continue reading

middle earth

In Middle-earth on the web currently, where marvellous teachers with names like Guido and Korval advise on formatting. No wonder games-developers-turned-fantasy-writers dominate online book sales. They are the only folk who really know what’s going on.

Now if you earn your living from giving advice in one form or another, you’ll know this is a demanding activity. Here are some contradictions Continue reading

You’re feeling fit and healthy, your personal life’s good…and yet…

Come Monday morning there’s a dragging sense of yet another week slogging upstream against a glacier of setbacks.

Your heart’s not in it. Instead you focus on how bad you feel and the very many shortcomings of your role, your team Continue reading

Please bear ( bare?) with me: this post as promised is about being real – or as organizational or cool types like to call it – authentic. Theme in head, it’s been one of those weeks where connections to it have come crowding in.

Over at the Dylan Jones Evans blog the dynamic Welsh professor discusses anonymous comments and blogging. Anonymous comments are boring to me: they fail Continue reading