11015Linked-In gobbles the recruitment industry, Amazon gorges on book publishing and the high street, Netflix swallows dvds while Skype devours phone companies…

Could your job be next?

At a sparky talk last week, Tom Morgan of Mint Digital reminded us how software hoovers up traditional business sectors and jobs though its capacity to connect, copy and upscale.

His business tackles this creatively by invention – both digital and physical.

But for those of us with jobs we fear becoming toast quite soon, Continue reading

trustDespite the cleaning up effects of technology, many of us these days work messy, relationship – wise.

We need to form partnerships and collaborations quickly – and make decisions as to how profitable, Continue reading

People buzz a great deal these days about ‘partnerships’, ‘collaboration’ and ‘joint ventures’ – but to be nifty and effective about these, we have to get to trust each other – and quickly.

And do you ever get the feeling intuitively when you meet someone, that you can trust them – but that their behaviour signals are not helping convey this?

When we doubt each other, negotiations and deals take longer, we’ll hold back commitment and resource Continue reading

You spent how much on that programme? You need your head read!’
(Friends react as I reveal my spend on online self – improvement)

Using the excuse of research, the past 12 months I’ve immersed myself in various online learning courses and learning experiences. With some of them, as I hit the Pay Pal button I’ve known that seduction Continue reading

In your view is success about aggression, drive and resilience or could it be much more to do with how we handle the soft and fluffy stuff of temptation?

In 1972, Stanford psychology professor Walter Mischel, ran a much-reported experiment. Pre-school children were given 1 marshmallow each, Continue reading

Like everyone with a creative streak (most of us), I have loads of ideas. 1 in 10 of these works and makes some money. But several times a day that doesn’t stop me thinking ‘Good grief, this is a brilliant idea. It’ll change the world and make a fortune’

Now recently I’ve had several meetings Continue reading

Maybe this is familiar to you.

You’re charged with getting people to perform better for no obvious rewards. People who feel they are constantly slogging away against the odds. Confidence levels plummet and they start to expect to fail…

So what can you do Continue reading