A few weeks ago, someone asked me to help them out at very short notice. A leadership expert* who was supposed to be delivering a masterclass had failed to turn up – by chance, I was in the location it was to be held – so the supplier asked me if I’d stand in. They offered me money. I said yes.

Slatternliness sometimes has its rewards and in my bag I found a memory stick with a couple of presentations on it. There was just one other minor problem – my clothing. Having a day off I was wearing my dog walking Continue reading


You know this feeling on the receiving end… I’m betting on it.

You turn up at a presentation with a gripping title. The speaker starts up. 77 slides, 495 reasons for their case later, you’ve lost the will to live.

Angry Birds or Twitter save Continue reading


“nice deal” $1 – $49,000
“very nice deal” $50,000 – $99,000
“good deal” $100,000 – $250,000
“significant deal” $251,000 – $499,000
“major deal” $500,000 and up

Several publishers have published my non-fiction, but like many people I secretly yearn to publish a novel. I wrote one called ‘The Gritties’and have lucked out with a most fab agent to sell it. But this ‘sell it’ is proving harder to do than say: the manuscript is getting repeatedly rejected. Some of the calls seem very close: ‘almost-takers’ which are more maddening than immediate and direct rejections. Even though in my day job I am used to ongoing and regular feedback, Continue reading