Lovely assignment this week with managers of training teams in health, fitness, hospitality and care. Here are the slides: How To Motivate Just About Anybody from Philippa Davies

Am needing to come up with a good idea fast here at the moment – and struggling.

It’s in a field I know little about, video-making, which is most of the problem. So straight after writing this, I’m back to the Continue reading

Forget resolutions. An Oomph Project for yourself, where you plan for impact in 2012, is a much more fun way to swing into the New Year.

In ten days, I co-deliver a project helping people in a very specific context to up their global profile. Beefing up on this over the holidays, the Kindle’s just been brilliant at letting me leap Continue reading

You spent how much on that programme? You need your head read!’
(Friends react as I reveal my spend on online self – improvement)

Using the excuse of research, the past 12 months I’ve immersed myself in various online learning courses and learning experiences. With some of them, as I hit the Pay Pal button I’ve known that seduction Continue reading

Here’s the thing…

You’re just about keeping your business going in these lean times. You’re getting some business in – from well-established customers and clients maybe – but no growth. Everyone you speak to seems to say the same thing: ‘Things are very tight… and we’re just fire-fighting Continue reading


Conference organizers and presentation instructions can be confusing. The best guide to how you match who is in the audience, to what you know and care about, is the attendee list. Let it be your lodestar.

Your actual words don’t Continue reading

‘Wonderful post’

‘you are awesome’

‘so inspiring’

Lovely, isn’t it? Getting positive Continue reading