People buzz a great deal these days about ‘partnerships’, ‘collaboration’ and ‘joint ventures’ – but to be nifty and effective about these, we have to get to trust each other – and quickly.

And do you ever get the feeling intuitively when you meet someone, that you can trust them – but that their behaviour signals are not helping convey this?

When we doubt each other, negotiations and deals take longer, we’ll hold back commitment and resource Continue reading

Maybe this is familiar to you.

You’re charged with getting people to perform better for no obvious rewards. People who feel they are constantly slogging away against the odds. Confidence levels plummet and they start to expect to fail…

So what can you do Continue reading


and what to do when you’re stuck with someone who isn’t.

Talk of collaboration and partnership is everywhere at the moment: it’s one way of making the recession seem less grim. Setting up several new projects reminds me that some people have far stronger co-working instincts than others.

Here’s how to spot signals for easy collaboration early on – and how to cope with someone who is a resolute soloist. Continue reading

women thinking

Almost a new academic year, and a period of frantic planning here in the cowshed. On the slate this autumn – said with relief rather than smugness – there are auditors, financiers, media business types,  politicians and unemployed graduates. All wanting psychological services of one description or another. But it is the unemployed graduates that are most pressing.

At the university, we are setting up a programme on Employability. As usual, this is a collaborative process and begs more questions than it answers. First one being : are there general Employability skills regardless of sector targeted? And could a wannabe lap dancer share learning needs with an astrophysicist? ( a degree being no guarantee that you do not want to be rude*).

We make an assumption Continue reading